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We pride ourselves on being on top of the environmental agenda, and provide a range of services to help organizations better understand their landscape.

These include rolling services, such as media monitoring, social listening, and stakeholder or regulatory intelligence.

We also design and deliver tailored projects including stakeholder mapping and perception studies, as well as B2B market research, policy research, and all kinds of opinion polls. In most cases, we conduct this research in-house, and where appropriate, we work with expert partners.

We have delivered all these services in dozens of countries on every continent. We are highly skilled at designing poll questionnaires, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, and producing authoritative and actionable results. We produce reports that are designed for publication, or for confidential internal use.

For example. we have managed the world’s biggest opinion poll, the Peoples’ Climate Vote, for the UN Development Programme (UNDP) since 2019.

Strategy & Consulting

Many organizations need day-to-day support to understand the new environmental era, to help them adjust and respond to the new challenges that present themselves.

Others need well-planned campaigns that will help change perceptions to support their points of view, or to generate touch points with customers. We develop agenda-setting campaigns that change hearts and minds, as well as B2B marketing campaigns, to generate leads and drive the pipeline of customers. Always we are focused on business results and impact.

Success on environmental initiatives frequently means partnering with others. With our huge international network, we can assist with partnering strategy, identifying the right partners and opportunities to build success.

Finally for non-profits and academic institutions, we have designed communications strategies that have helped to transform fundraising.

Brand & Creative

Effective organizational strategy and communications is hugely reliant on brand, positioning, and messaging.

Whether you’re still in the naming phase or trying to find your position in the marketplace, we can partner with you to create a new visual identity, or update your old one. We draw on research, data, and qualitative insights, to ensure our clients attract attention, build trust, and build engagement with their target audiences.

We have extensive experience in engaging mainstream audiences on environmental issues, and expert audiences on environmental initiatives or the marketing of environmental goods or services. 

Messaging, Content & Design

We can produce all kinds of content to generate awareness and engagement with your key target audiences. At the core of this, are our environmental sustainability communications experts who have deep expertise across every area of environmental action, from plastics to recycling, and air pollution to wildlife conservation.

We produce all kinds of content including reports, white papers, videos and films, web and social assets, presentations, brochures, newsletters, speeches, live and online events, podcasts, and investor decks. We can do this as part of a wider campaign, or offer plug-and-play content services.

We support corporate sustainability departments with storymining to develop stories and storylines that will resonate with key target audiences, and support with key content development.

Our technical capacity is strong enough that we have processed and analyzed research data for clients including IUCN and UNDP, including the world’s biggest opinion poll on climate change.

We are creative so can locate the words that get cut-through, and evidence-based, so used to using online panels to test and refine messaging. We also offer a Content Check service to protect against mis-communication and accusations of greenwash.


We manage campaigns across all kinds of media, as well as public affairs and stakeholder relations campaigns, and live or digital events. Oftentimes, we manage integrated campaigns, moving budget depending on need, to support a business goal.

Our communications team is highly adept at producing engaging content for media. Our thought leadership content is typically deployed across social media and 3rd party publishers, for example, including using paid-for content. Our expertise in the green space means this can be fully outsourced, and we produce high quality content much more efficiently than non-expert agencies.

Our media team is meanwhile at the center of environmental newsflow globally, and is respected by the most influential reporters, editors, and producers covering the energy transition, climate change, the circular economy, sustainable finance, and nature. We routinely organize teach-ins for large numbers of top tier journalists about challenging topics. The PR team is also adept at engaging non-green audiences with green stories.

Our events team has a huge database of the key events in the environmental sustainability calendar globally. We have a strong presence at the major international meetings, and a long-term partnership with the Economist Impact Sustainability Summits and the NEST Summit at Climate Week New York. We also design and can produce our own events in the U.S., U.K., and Germany, as well as digitally.

Our social team is outstanding at creating assets that generate cut-through, both organically, or using paid-for strategies. We are able to deploy in multiple languages and across many markets, and have a big environmental influencer network to amplify our campaigns. We also have outstanding capability for analyzing and pivoting campaigns while message testing, and can enhance social campaigns with micro-targeting and paid-for budget.

Meanwhile, our environmental stakeholder relations campaigns help to support the briefing of key interest groups in support of green initiatives at the international, national, state, and community levels.

Throughout we are diligent about benchmarks and baselines to define success, and have the latest systems for measuring outputs and impacts.

Crisis Management

We have extensive experience working with clients with activities in the environmental space, as well as more mainstream clients with existing crisis management support requiring rapid, credible advice on environmental issues, or engagement with environmental stakeholders.

We provide the full range of crisis services anywhere in the world, including environmental risk assessments, crisis planning, workshops, simulations, and rapid on-demand support or full crisis management services.

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